CRC ORE's Implementation Council is a who’s who in the minerals sector, joining together to look at how to supercharge CRC ORE’s research focus and allocation of funding for best benefit.

news innovation council 2016The first full meeting of CRC ORE’s Implementation Council was held in Brisbane on 22 June. With a focus on high-profile projects that will have high-impact outcomes to enable CRC ORE to transfer technologies out to industry and the METS sector, the Council meeting was very well-attended, with nearly every Mining and METS Participant represented. 

During the day the group heard from the CRC ORE team and from the Participants who actively shared their experiences and vision for future projects. With so many CRC ORE Participants in the same place at the same time, Participants and the CRC ORE team took the opportunity to line up a string of meetings on the days coming up to and following the Council meeting itself.

The June meeting follows on from the preliminary meeting on 7 April, at which Participants agreed that a key role for the Implementation Council was to support an engagement and delivery strategy designed to support the Project to Prototype cycle. This shared partnership model is based on a stage-gated project development using Technology Readiness Level (TRL) concepts.

The 22 June Implementation Council meeting concentrated on the new Delivery Themes model, which takes the focus a step on from point solutions, to an integrated business-facing approach, carefully designed to help ease the path of new technologies into the business world. The Delivery Themes also provide an excellent platform for connecting synergistic partnerships to fast-track technology through the prototype to product cycle.

The Council reiterated the importance of the Delivery Themes currently under development as a dynamic model, able to incorporate new technology and research as it becomes available and thus ensuring that CRC ORE’s innovation pathway remains at the cutting edge for the life of the CRC.

The Implementation Council will now meet three times per year in various locations, with the next meeting scheduled for 1 December in Perth, following CRC ORE’s Annual Assembly.

The Implementation Council is Chaired by Joe Pease.




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