Integrated Extraction Simulator

26 May 2016: CRC ORE recently commenced its first project with a Participant site utilising the Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES). IES is a cloud based simulation platform for the mineral industry that supports multi-component modelling from blasting to concentration.

This article was published in CRC ORE News - July 2016

By Greg Shapland, IES Utilisation Manager

A baseline flowsheet was configured from information provided by site and past studies to represent the circuit and unit processes.

Key data taken daily by site for the last six years was integrated into IES as a mass simulation in well under an hour. Simulation results were written back to the spreadsheet and the predicted KPIs were then easily plotted against actual plant performance. The exercise provided an overview of the predictive capability of the configured flowsheet over an extended period with variable inputs.

Subsequent analysis was then focused on improving the quality of data and assumptions for model inputs before the next simulation. The time to perform mass simulations can be further reduced as required with the scalable power available to IES.

IES provides new insights into plant performance risks and opportunities with accessible and powerful cloud based modelling and simulation.

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