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Joe Pease is a Minerals Industry consultant with 35 years’ experience in the minerals industry; 21 years in site research and operations management (Australia, Canada and USA) and 12 years as CEO of a successful technology developer and provider.  

Joe holds or has held several Directorships related to minerals collaborative research: 

  • 13 years as Director of AMIRA, and 6 years on Executive Council (ongoing)
  • 3 years as Director and 3 Years as Chairman of the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (ongoing)
  • 12 years on the Steering Committee of MCA Minerals Tertiary Education Council (ongoing)
  • 9 years on the Advisory Board of JKMRC (until 2014)
  • 6 years on the Advisory Board of Ian Wark Research Institute (until 2014)
  • 1 year on the Board of CRC ORE (initially as CEO, now Independent Director)

This background gives Joe a rare combination of senior operations management, research management, and technology development and commercialization.  As CEO of Xstrata Technology, this combination led to the establishment of five innovative processing technologies from concept to global industry products. This was based on Joe’s conviction that it is not about “our research” or “our product”; but it is about how to deploy concepts to help operators define and solve their problems.  And that success for the operator means success for the researchers and technology suppliers too.

Joe spent a year as interim CEO of CRC ORE as the first funding round wound up and the second came into play.

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