CRC ORE aims to transform the minerals sector by deploying innovative world-class technology to effect a step change in value across the whole-of-mine system.

It aims to ‘Optimise Resource Extraction’ through site implementation of innovation to improve overall productivity.


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The power of collaboration delivering results by funding and working towards solutions together.

CRC ORE is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Australian Federal Government, the global Minerals Industry, METS and Research groups.

CRC ORE links inventors, innovators, investors and implementers.


CRC ORE's focus

We are focused on radically improving the productivity, energy and water signatures of our mining operations. We are also dedicated to reversing the ‘conventional wisdom’ of grade decline through new gangue rejection techniques.

CRC ORE was formed by a host of forward-thinking collaborators, focused on finding solutions to integrate point solutions and whole-of-system thinking.

This group is determined to unlock the synergies of existing and latent technology already available which has not been integrated on mining sites. They also wish to develop co-creation partnerships to access and implement emerging technologies from other industrial sectors.

This consortium of leaders in the global minerals industry, world class research institutions and the Australian Government, are funding work toward this vision.

CRC ORE has a steadfast commitment to:

  • Innovating new solutions, with a fast failure, rapid rewards ethos.
  • Repurposing existing technology, often from outside the minerals industry.
  • Integrating technology right across the whole-of-operation, to maximise value.
  • Extending the life of existing mine sites.
  • Transferring new technology and knowledge rapidly to industry, reducing the development prototype-to-product cycle time from 15 to 5 years.


Areas of Research

CRC ORE research projects investigate all elements of the mining process, seeking opportunities to optimise the system through better understanding of the processes and the synergies between processes. This includes ore body characterisation, geometallurgy, blasting, comminution, mine planning and economic evaluation.


About the organisation

CRC ORE is a not for profit organisation funded by the Australian Federal Government and the global minerals industry.

CRC ORE commenced in mid-2010 and after its initial 5-year funding term, was awarded a further 6-years of funding until July 2021. Despite the current difficult business cycle in the minerals sector, CRC ORE has achieved support of over $110m in investment to achieve critical mass and capacity. This includes $34.4m in federal funding, with the remaining investment through Mining, METS and Research participants.





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