about us logoCRC ORE is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and funded by the Australian Government and the global minerals industry; including Mining companies, METS organisations and researchers. It is a Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction and is focused on developing innovative solutions to improve productivity and sustainability for the Minerals Industry.

CRC ORE commenced in mid-2010 and was recently awarded a further six-year Federal funding term commencing in July 2015 until July 2021. $34.4m of federal funding is supported by major investment and backing by Industry, METS and research participants. Together with in-kind support, CRC ORE is supported by over $110m of investment to achieve critical mass and capacity in this second funding term.

At the heart of CRC ORE are active collaborations across our participants. Alongside the Australian Government, there are currently 22 essential participants in CRC ORE.

CRC ORE operates under the following legal agreements:

  • Commonwealth Agreement between CRC ORE and the Commonwealth Government.
  • Participants Agreement between CRC ORE and the Participants.
  • CRC ORE’s Constitution.

The company is governed by an independent, skills-based Board and both the Board and executive management of CRC ORE bring extensive experience in a wide range of industries and disciplines who understand the operational challenges of business improvement in the minerals sector.

Board of Directors

CRC ORE is governed by a Board of Directors. The CRC ORE Board of Directors sets overall policy, determines the strategic direction for CRC ORE, directs the research focus and oversees technology transfer and commercialisation activities through quarterly meetings. Meet our Board

The Board has five key committees:

1. Implementation Council

The Implementation Council was established to facilitate the integration of CRC ORE’s research and development outcomes with current market products and services and transition the results into production scale implementations to improve productivity for Implementation Mining Participants. The Implementation Council is the principal forum to propose and manage integration projects by providing recommendations to the Board regarding the research implementation focus of the Centre and allocation of funds.

2. Centre Funded Projects Committee

The Centre Funded Project Committee provides governance for the Centre funded research, education and technology transfer activities of the company. It provides strategic advice and recommendations to the Board, covering both new Centre project proposals, and monitoring the quality, progress and results of ongoing projects and reports on progress against Commonwealth milestones.

3. Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Committee

CRC ORE’s Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Committee assists the Board in carrying out its duties to verify and safeguard the integrity of the company’s financial reporting, risk management and legal compliance.

4. Intellectual Property Management & Commercialisation Committee

The Intellectual Property (IP) Management and Commercialisation Committee provides policy direction for the management and commercialisation of the intellectual property created through the activities of CRC ORE.

5. Remuneration & Appointments Committee

The Appointments & Remuneration Committee is convened on an as needs basis to focus on appropriate remuneration policies, to enhance corporate and individual performance and to ensure the Company attracts and retains high quality of directors and senior executives.


What is a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)?

CRC ORE is part of the the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) programme.

The CRC programme supports industry-led collaborations between researchers, industry and the community to address major challenges facing Australia. The CRC programme was established in 1990 and since then CRCs have developed important new technologies, products and services that help solve major economic, environmental and social challenges.

Australia’s network of CRCs operates across all sectors of Australia’s economy and society. There are active CRCs in areas as diverse as hearing, healthcare, pest management, bushfire and natural hazards management, financial markets security and the auto and aerospace industries.

As well as enabling leading-edge research to take place in our universities and research institutions, CRCs are producing graduates with hands-on industry experience. This is helping create a highly-skilled workforce for the nation.

For more information about the CRC programme: www.business.gov.au.


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