innovation pathway integrateUnlocking new value by radically improving each part of the process - and extracting value-chain efficiencies by showing how the parts work together across the whole system.

CRC ORE is bringing this aspects together through its Delivery Themes.

Our Delivery Themes


CRC ORE's Delivery Themes disruptively change the industry’s long-accepted mining and ore treatment paradigms by:

Exploiting the natural variability of the mineralisation instead of smoothing it out to improve feed grades and net value.

Treating mining as a fully integrated and value optimised manufacturing business.

Taking full advantage of the rapidly changing technology, engineering and data landscape to improve productivity and decision making.

CRC ORE’s Delivery Themes take emerging technology solutions and combines them into a practical way to apply and realise the potential of those solutions to add value into mining businesses.

It takes the next step on from focussing on point solutions in CRC ORE’s Development Programs, to integrating them into a business-facing approach carefully designed to help support the path of new technologies into the business world, where they can be fully tested and the value proposition refined. This is also done by introducing and connecting synergistic business partnerships to help realise technology adoption changes more quickly.

In our Technology Readiness Levels 1-9 framework, our Delivery Themes span TRL’s 5-7.

Some businesses will focus on one of these themes, while others will select across a range of the solutions stacks most needed in their business and individual operations.

Each theme incorporates a ‘systems thinking’ approach to ensure that the impacts of solutions are assessed across the value chain, improving adoption success rate.

The Delivery Themes are dynamic and as new research and technology becomes available, the themes have been designed to seamlessly incorporate into the solutions stack, ensuring that CRC ORE’s innovation pathway remains at the cutting edge.

In close partnership with Participants, CRC ORE utilises value-driven solutions provided by the Delivery Themes to tackle some of the biggest problems facing mining industry productivity.

Delivery Theme Overarching Graphic 


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