CRC ORE's projects, aimed at realising a step-change in value across the whole-of-mine system, are delivered across five key portfolio areas.

Projects within each portfolio take technologies through the widely used Technology Readiness Level (TRL 1-9) scale of technology maturity, often referred to as ‘prototype to product’.

The first four key areas represent the early stages of the Technology Readiness Level scale, focussing on TRL3-5 activities. This involves taking technology concepts through analytical and experimental proof of concept into laboratory or desk-top validation and to an early prototype stage, which is suitable for further refinement and testing under realistic world conditions. The fifth area is CRC ORE's utilisation projects. Through its collaborative partnerships, CRC ORE undertakes testing of technologies at mine sites around the world as the platform for its research and development. This is aimed at progressing technologies through TRL 5-9.

  • Improving feed quality

    New and novel testing, measurement and mapping technologies to characterise and quantify waste and ore for coarse separation attributes as inputs into CRC ORE Grade Engineering® assessment and mine planning.

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  • Enabling mass separation

    Integration of operational strategies and engineering solutions to effect coarse separation in the dig and deliver interface optimised for net value.

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  • Increasing extraction efficiency

    New processing circuit designs, integrated simulation capabilities and operational control systems to exploit changes in grade and other physical properties resulting from Grade Engineered feed streams.

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  • Maximising system-value

    While Grade Engineering provides new value based options for manipulating insitu grade and delivering improved productivity, it can also be perceived as creating increased complexity. A high level of user defined options and dynamic scenarios challenges current practice.

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  • Implementation at mine sites

    CRC ORE, through its collaborative partnerships, undertakes testing at mine sites around the world as the platform for its research and development.

    These studies continue to expand, as they provide the ideal environment for industry, research and commercial partners to develop and validate step change technologies.

    Projects such as these are only possible through a large scale collaborative effort, and this structure ensures the developed technologies are shaped and validated by operating mine sites and commercial providers in a way that directly addresses the industry’s requirements.

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