Instrumenting the Bench Delivery Theme activities

As part of CRC ORE’s integrated technology program centred around Delivery Themes, a two-day workshop was held bringing together ideas and capability to further progress the Instrumenting the Bench (ITB) concept.

This article was published in CRC ORE News - June 2017

Instrumenting the Bench Delivery Theme activities

By Clytie Dangar, General Manager – Stakeholder Engagement

instrumenting the bench data flowsInstrumenting the Bench data flowThe workshop held on 21 & 22 March at CRC ORE’s Brisbane offices included representatives from Orica, Imdex, Mining 3 and CRC ORE. Sodern, who were not able to attend the workshop in person, have subsequently provided their input.

All the parties recognised that it is difficult to optimise and sustain benefits of Grade Engineering® without addressing the challenge of more effective collection, integration and utilisation of on-bench and down-hole data in near real time for optimisation and decision making.

Individual technologies and capabilities exist or are being developed by individual parties. The challenge is how they can best integrate to provide a full solution to mining companies looking to utilise the data as part of a Grade Engineering® implementation.

Agreement was reached during the workshop to a three-phase work program over the next 12 months including technology and application mapping, value proposition identification and quantification, engagement with miners to determine the value and identify site trial opportunities. An operational framework to implement ITB on a day-to-day basis at site will also be developed.

Subsequent meetings have been held with collaborators in Brisbane and Perth. CRC ORE has held initial discussions with Atlas Copco on their possible involvement, given their advanced measure-while-drilling capability and other relevant complementary drilling technologies.

Other companies wanting more information or interested in getting involved are encouraged to contact CRC ORE project leader David La Rosa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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