CRC ORE Early Career Researcher - Jillian Moffatt


CRC ORE early career researcher Jillian Moffatt describes her work in upconversion fluorescence properties of minerals.

Jillian’s research seeks to discover and exploit Upconversion Fluorescence (UF) emissions from minerals of economic significance as a means for real-time on-line identification of mineral species. UF has not previously been investigated for applications in the earth sciences, mining or mineral processing. The technology to do so has only become available within the last decade.

Jillian has a background in radiogenic luminescence in minerals and glasses. Her research includes an Honours project in optically stimulated and thermally stimulated luminescence in glasses for radiological event analysis. She has also conducted Masters research in thermally transferred optically stimulated luminescence for quartz sediment dating and PhD research in upconversion fluorescence properties of minerals. Jillian has also spent time as a laboratory technician in Genalysis Intertek and Amdel Bureau Veritas doing mineral and leach processing activities.

Jillian hopes to continue to work in the luminescence and mineral analysis fields and continue to develop her scientific and analytical skills after her PhD.

CRC ORE is established and supported under the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government Initiative.

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