CRC ORE Early Career Researcher - Kashif Nazir


CRC ORE early career researcher Kashif Nazir describes his work in researching the calcination effect on beneficiation of hard rock lithium ores.

The calcination effect on beneficiation will be studied by Kashif in different forms such as the effects of calcination and roasting when the ore is crushed, screened, graded, floated to different size fragments. Results will be complied at different calcination and roasting temperatures to study the effect of calcination. If processing plants are able to deliver higher grades of lithium ore this would increase potential throughput and decrease energy consumption. For sites producing concentrate, higher grades would increase product value.

Kashif is a PhD student at Curtin University’s Western Australia School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering. is a professional Metallurgical and Material Science Engineer with more than 18 years of industrial experience in down stream recycling of Aluminium. He holds a Masters Degree in Carbon Management and a research patent in Aluminium Recycling. With very strong research, analytical, process, process re-engineering and quality management skills, Kashif is looking forward to a challenging career in process research and development after the completion of his PhD.

CRC ORE is established and supported under the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government Initiative.

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