CRC ORE Early Career Researcher - Karo Fathollahzadeh


CRC ORE early career researcher Karo Fathollahzadeh describes his work in optimisation of long-term open-pit mine production scheduling with Grade Engineering®. Karo's research project aims to utilise an orebody model with Grade Engineering attributes for the development and implementation of a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) based mathematical model for production planning or scheduling of mining operations.

The research is also focused on developing heuristic approaches to address the computational complexity of the mathematical model and generate an optimal open-pit mine production schedule in a reasonable timeframe. This research is supported by CRC ORE. The focus is on exploring how Grade Engineering techniques could be valuable in the development of open-pit mine production schedules. It looks at new methods or approaches that are missing in the currently available algorithms.

Karo is a PhD student at Curtin University’s Western Australia School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering (WASM:MECE). He started his PhD candidature as a part of CRC ORE’s P4-007 project in February 2018. Prior to moving to Australia, Karo studied Industrial Engineering while based in Iran. He received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the University of Kurdistan in October 2014 and a Masters of Industrial Engineering from Kharazmi University of Tehran (Iran) in October 2017.

Upon completion of his PhD, Karo hopes to apply his knowledge of mathematical modelling and implementation through exact and heuristic algorithms in diversified computer programming/IT setups. He is particularly interested in maximising the discounted value (NPV) of future cash flows over a given planning horizon, subject to a number of operational constraints. This includes factoring in any Grade Engineering related constraints.

CRC ORE is established and supported under the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government Initiative.

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