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Integrated Extraction Simulator

The Integration Extraction Simulator (IES) is providing productivity breakthroughs and new thinking in mining and metallurgical modelling, by creating a truly integrated virtual mining value chain.

IES is a CRC ORE developed cloud-based simulation and optimisation platform designed to predict and optimise blasting and mineral processing performance.

This is the first platform to provide the flexibility to integrate all mining and mineral processing operations, starting with blasting and stepping through each stage of loading, hauling, stockpiling, blending, crushing, grinding and flotation.

The Simulator enables mining and mineral processing engineers to model the impact of every operation in the flowsheet on overall productivity. Outputs can then be used to support key operational or capital investment decisions.

IES offers planning engineers and model developers sophisticated tools to:

  • initiate multi-component processing
  • initiate multiple automated simulations
  • establish production targets that meet environmental and cost constraints
  • capture and process mill surveys in detail from first stream sample to full flowsheet optimisation
  • set and test multiple parameter ranges against controls to understand performance relationships.

IES provides an immediate response: change the blast design and seconds later see the impact on grinding throughput in the mill and concentrate recovery in the flotation plant.

Familiarisation training and web-based tutorials are available on request.
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