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One of CRC ORE's headline solutions is Grade Engineering®, which is focused on extracting metal more efficiently by separating ore from waste before it enters comminution.

Early physical rejection of non valuable material through preconcentration techniques before processing, decreases processing costs and importantly can significantly increase the life of a mine.

Grade Engineering® is an integrated approach to coarse rejection that matches a suite of separation technologies to ore specific characteristics and compares the net value of rejecting low value components in current feed streams to existing mine plans as part of a system-view.

Coarse rejection (~10-100 mm) can be used on size distributions ranging from run of mine to comminution mill discharge. Opportunity for Grade Engineering® is based on five rock based ‘levers’ linked to combinations of screening, sensor-based sorting and heavy media separation. These involve:

  • Preferential grade deportment by size
  • Differential blasting for grade by size
  • Sensor based bulk sorting
  • Sensor based stream sorting
  • Coarse gravity separation

Grade Engineering® is being developed and implemented by a consortium of over 30 mining companies, equipment suppliers and research organisations. Emerging results from collaborative site activities demonstrate potential for generating significant value which can reverse the trend of declining production due to declining feed grades.

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